CSR as driver for employee satisfaction and loyalty!

More and more people are deeply aware of the environmental and social challenges facing our planet, like climate change, lack of resources, poverty and health issues, and therefore more and more employees do care about what their company’s contribution is. They are searching for meaning from work, for companies that act socially and environmentally responsible and for jobs that provide the opportunity to personally make social or environmental impact.


Net Impact’s Talent Report „What Workers Want in 2012“ demonstrates that employees who say they have the opportunity to make a direct social and environmental impact through their job report higher satisfaction levels than those who don’t.

One of the top findings in a study of the Corporate Leadership Council is that those employees who are most committed perform 20% better and are 87% less likely to leave the organization.

A MITSloan research found that employees like to work for socially responsible companies because it gives them opportunities for personal growth. CSR provides a benefit on a more abstract level, where individuals feel that they are part of a collective effort to make a difference on the world.

A study by the Doughty Centre for Corporate Responsibility summarizes that on one hand employee engagement is both a driver, as well as an outcome of corporate social performance and sustainable value creation and on the other hand that corporate social performance has both a direct and indirect impact (via employee engagement) on the creation of sustainable business value.


Involving employees as co-designers of a company’s internal sustainability brand creates shared value: employees benefit from personal development, empowerment, a better work-life-balance, higher satisfaction and identification with their employer, whereas companies will see a direct correlation to significant business results, higher level of engagement and impactful sustainability efforts.


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